The Tooth Fairy’s Got a Brand New Bag; She’s Also Got Shirts, Hoodies, Buttons and Stuffed Animals at her Brand New Tooth Fairy Shop Launched This Week

Atlanta (by way of Toothfairyland), GA (PRWEB) July 14, 2006 -- Inc. has joined forces with CafePress to launch the all new Tooth Fairy product line. The new Tooth Fairy store features clothing, tote bags, lost tooth journals and more to celebrate the lost tooth experience. has been the Official Online Tooth Fairy for more than twenty years with a website that features fun, child friendly content. Children of all ages e-mail the Tooth Fairy where every response is answered with a tailored response.    

“Making a Magic Moment a Magic Memory® has been our mission for over twenty years,” says original founder Bob Weinberg. “This product line is a natural extension of the Tooth Fairy certificates and experiences we have offered for two decades. Children love the Tooth Fairy and feel very protected and loved by her. That’s why the Tooth Fairy product features the child’s experience as the star – the Tooth Fairyland signature design reassures the child that ‘the Tooth Fairy loves me.’”

The Tooth Fairy gift shop has a special bonus with each order. The child receives a personalized message from the Tooth Fairy telling them that “Aunt Sarah” or “Mommy” sent a gift. The Tooth Fairy goes on to remind the child to write a thank you note.

Cultures have been fascinated by the ritual of losing teeth for centuries. The Tooth Fairy takes what could be a very frightening experience and translates it into fun for children and adults alike. It’s no wonder she is so beloved in every culture.

When the Tooth Fairy herself was pressed for a quote, she had little to say, though the twinkle in her wand and movement of her wings led us to believe she thinks this new store is pure fairy magic. The Tooth Fairy is a time honored tradition in step with today’s culture. She has her own website (, her own Tooth Fairy store ( and even her own blog (, Inc. is a tiny corporation of two people with big hearts and a love of children. In addition to the website and newly launched Tooth Fairy Store ( they also operate an online blog ( featuring the weekly updated questions and answers the Tooth Fairy receives on the website.

Questions range from the practical to the hilarious including demands for money and pets in return for teeth.

Toothfairyland® and Making a Magic Moment a Magic Memory® are both registered trademarks of, Inc.